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Thank you for the heavy duty competition weaves. These are ideal for training my large heavy dog as I cannot peg them down.


Our equipment arrived safe and soundly and beautifully packaged. Thank you to all at First Contact for such super and efficient service. We used it for training last night and we are all thrilled with it.

Many Thanks 

Jacqui and all at Wellow Agility :-) 

Wellow Agility,

A big “Thank You” to everyone at “First Contact” for my order that duly arrived on time and looks fantastic ! The packaging too was brilliant and  showed how much care and effort is put into ensuring delivery would arrive at Harlequin Agility Club in perfect condition. One very happy customer who appreciates your companies “attention to detail “  – that doesn’t stop at the excellent products you make – you made sure everything was delivered exactly as intended – in perfect condition .


Jill Gibson, Harlequin Agility Club.

Jill Gibson, Harlequin AgilityClub,

'First Contact = First Class equipment AND delivered with a big smile J

Really grateful for the opportunity to train on such good equipment, thank you.' - Lou Cadman & Poppy - 2013 Team member

Lou Cadman & Poppy, 2013 Team Member

'" I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to First Contact for their continued sponsorship and contribution towards team England for the WAO championships.

The contact equipment is first class and having use of this equipment before heading out to Spain in May is really useful.

I have previously purchased equipment for my training venue from First Contact and have found it to be durable and reliable, withstanding an onslaught of snow, rain, wind and occasionally hot sunshine!

Lee Gibson & Scott 

2013 Team Member / 2012 WAO Judge

Lee Gibson & Scott, 2013 Team Member/2012 WAO Judge

I'd like to thank First Contact for their continuing support of the England Team. Personally I find it very useful to know that Caeyn will be training on the best agility equipment there is and I'm sure this was a significant factor in our success at the 2013 WAO. Thanks First Contact! - Dave Russell & Caeyn - World Pentathlon Champions 2012 & 2013 Team Member

Dave Russell & Caeyn, World Pentathlon Champions 2012 & 2013 Team Member

Thank you First Contact for supporting Team England, it is much appreciated. The use of first class equipment is giving us all the opportunity to prepare in the best possible way for our trip to WAO's, hope we do England proud and bring back lots medals - Marc & Christine Wingate-Wynne - 2013 team members with Big,Zev & Dixie

Marc & Christine Wingate-Wynne 2013 Team Members,


'First Contact agility equipment is of the highest quality. The surface provides excellent traction which instills confidence; allowing for a fast, accurate performance' - Natalie Webb & Cass, 2013 Team Members

Natalie Webb & Cass, 2013 Team Members

In these days when there is such a variety of equipment about it has been great to practice on the equipment the dogs will be running on at the WAO – thank you, First Contact, for your support of the England Team.

Bridgitte Wyre,

A big thank you to Hazel for sending the tunnels holders to France. They are great our two young borders can now 'buldoze' their way through the tunnels without out us having to put them back every 2 seconds!

Cheryl, St. Dolay , France

Thanks to First Contact for bringing such high quality rubber contacts to the UK Agility. For the dog’s welfare, I sincerely hope that these contacts become the norm at all UK Finals and eventually at all UK shows.


Well made and safer for the dogs, like them!

Lesley Osborne,

In a word, FAB.

It almost seems criminal to put dogs over the traditional slippery, abrasive type contacts.

Nigel Staines,

Think rubber contacts are brilliant, much better for the dogs surely. Just wish the whole of the UK would change to them so that the dogs are not getting variables.

Pat Brown,

I am very impressed with the rubber contacts. In think they are well made safer for the health of the dogs and stand up well to heavy use.

The sooner they replace wooden contacts the better.

Shaun Hunt, Agility Instructor

I think the contacts are great. I'm sure First Contact is aware and dealing with it, but if the seesaw was quieter that would be cool.

But as I said, Fab, can’t wait for them to be the norm in competition.

Jo Tristram, England Team Member

I was at North Derbyshire Festival last weekend and was really impressed with your rubber contact equipment ....it felt much safer for the dogs!

Sharon Hough, Competitor

Brilliant! I love ‘em! I can’t wait to try them again.

Amanda Hampson, England Team Member

UK Agility have been working closely with First Contact to improve the design and standard of agility equipment in the UK for the past 5 years. One of UK Agility’s goals is to have the highest standard of equipment with Rubber Contacts being a vital part of our dog’s health and safety in an outdoor UK event!

Another huge benefit of Rubber Contacts is to allow judges to design courses to challenge dogs in a safe manner on different approaches to the contact equipment.

First Contact's new designs are a huge leap forward for our sport in the UK. The design and build quality of these contacts is excellent and I believe with the materials, technique and application used by First Contact they have created the best contact surface I have seen.

UK Agility’s aim is to have only these contacts used at UKA shows in the very near future.

Well done First Contact.


Greg Derrett, UK Agility

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