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Aluminium A-Frame

Aluminium A-Frame


Description: Bespoke Aluminium A-frame with 'First grip' rubber coating.

9ft x 3ft Planks. Standard competition size/height.

Manufactured to Kennel Club and UK Agility specifications.

Adjustable - Able to lower the height of the A-Frame for training purposes

Aluminium frame with composite aluminium sheet, with our unique shock absorbent design. Lats are an integral design, not retro fitted. Covered with our unique hard wearing 'First grip' rubber coating. The cross supports are made from aluminium.

Our own unique hinge design, to create the maximum amount of rubber coverage and the minimum amount of hinge exposure than any other aluminium A-frame on the market.

'First grip' rubber coating provides superior grip to give the dogs confidence.

Quiet for the dogs to run on.

This is a bespoke premium product that is low maintenance and extremely hard wearing.

Delivery Time: 8 - 10 Weeks

Weight: 74kg

If you are able to collect your order from a show, please check out our diary page to see where we are.

Delivery to a show is dependent upon space and weight restrictions on our vehicles; please contact us for more information.

Minimum shipping cost: £150.00

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