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Aluminium See-Saw

Aluminium See-Saw


Description: Bespoke Aluminium See-saw with 'First grip' rubber coating and aluminium base.

Manufactured to Kennel Club and UK Agility specifications.

Materials: Aluminium frame with a composite aluminium sheet, with our unique shock absorbent design. Covered with our unique hard wearing 'First grip' rubber coating.

The base is made from aluminium.

Features: 'First grip' rubber coating provides superior grip to give the dogs confidence.

Quiet for the dogs to run on.

This is a bespoke premium product that is low maintenance and extremely hard wearing.

The See-Saw Base is available adjustable to three heights, reducing the degree of angle for young dogs.

There is also the option of a Fixed or Adjustable Tip Speed;

- Fixed Tip Speed:A fixed tip speed to KC/FCI Regulations.


- Adjustable Tip Speed: Changeable counter weight to aid training.

Delivery Time: 8 - 10 Weeks

Weight: 28kg 

If you are able to collect your order from a show, pleae check out our diary page to see where we are. Delivery to a show is dependent upon space and weight restrictions on our vehicles. Please contact us for more information.

Minimum shipping cost: £100.00

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