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David and Hazel of First Contact Agility would like to congratulate all of the contestants who qualified for the First Contact Agility Final at the North Derbyshire Agility Festival in July 2006. We would especially like to congratulate the following people and dogs on their success in gaining the following places.

1 Alistair Bray Faze Fox it up 
2 Sally Rhoda Rocket Pocket Poacher 
3 John Turner Five Days Harry the Potter 
4 Helena Cross Miss Lily 
5 Laura Heatley Haradale a Winters Mist 
6 Jill Parke Right on Bill 
7 Pam Baines Mocha Celebrations 
8 Doreen Charnock Big Mac 
9 Mike Welch Clayburn Clinton 
10 Sharon Dyson Arneston Pure Magic

We would also like to thank Emma Davis for judging and Nigel Davis for doing the commentary again this year. Thanks also go to the North Derbyshire Dog Agility Club for holding the final, and to all the other shows and ring parties for hosting the heats throughout the year.

We look forward to sponsoring this final again in 2007.

David and Hazel.